Natures Wrath

The winds of the Atlantic were at it again, a hurricane reaching magnitude three heading towards the gulf coast. Those who experienced the force of Mother Nature in the past prepared carefully, securing their homes and vehicles to the best of their abilities. The winds reached over one-hundred twenty-five miles per hour and the storms surge, flooding hundreds of square miles; reached a record breaking twenty-eight feet. Even the more prepared families found themselves in a life or death battle with nature.

When all was said and done, Katrina had claimed the lives of over two-thousand men, women and children, destroyed countless homes and caused a complete collapse of law and order on the gulf coast. The disaster is a stringent reminder that we cannot beat Mother Nature, only live through it. Company’s like Disaster Relief Transport partner with charities across the globe when disasters of this magnitude occur, using the funds and time donated by individuals like you to assist those in need.

The disaster that Katrina brought forth only seven years ago happened in our backyard, its destruction still evident in communities throughout the gulf coast. Families still repairing their lives and trying to make sense of things. To these individuals, it is extremely comforting to know that someone is prepared to come to their aid when they need it most.