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tornado damaged home

October 5, 2013 Wayne, Nebraska, Tornado Damage

While not always making the national headlines natural disasters continue with amazing frequency. In the US alone there have been 140 this year. These have included: flooding, wildfires, a sinkhole in Pennsylvania, earthquakes, tornado damage, landslides, and more. Outside the US the story is the same most recently Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupting before dawn on Sunday spewing rocks and red-hot ash onto nearby villages forcing 5,956 people to flee their homes. The opportunities to assist those with sudden needs seem ever present. Thanks for viewing our site, sharing your concerns, and lending your support as we join together to assist those in need.

Women with child under mount Sinabung Smoke

October 2013 Mount Sinabung Erupts

You Never Know…

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You never know when the next disaster will strike! Actually, today’s advanced warning systems often give some advance notice, if only minutes or days. That is why DRT is pleased to announce it is partnering with The Grace Group an independent full service development team to help gain needed resources to be prepared. By joining hands and working unitedly much can be done to assist when the next disaster strikes. For more information please call 951-708-0378

Standing With…

standbhndOver the last few weeks we have stood in amazement at mother natures power of destruction through the mid-western states. Numerous lives lost, homes and memories destroyed. Disaster Relief Transport stands behind those in need, and those who have lost and we’re not alone, numerous organizations have already responded to help those in need move on with their lives.  Join us in helping others!

Isaac’s Trail

Tropical storm Isaac is doing something that many prayed it wouldn’t, follow the same path as hurricane Katrina did seven years ago; an eerie reminder that Mother Nature has control. Rolling northwest over the open Gulf of Mexico, Isaac now a category 1 hurricane, barreled past the Florida keys on Monday, ultimately adopting Katrina’s trail to the day. Charity organizations are gearing up, preparing for the response.

Already, Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes through flooding and mandatory evacuations for Isaac, including around a thousand medical patients with special needs. These displaced individuals will need food and medical supplies, supplies we can trust that Disaster Relief Transport, and charitable organizations like it, are ready to move.

Staten Hope

Sandy has ultimately been compared to a number of storms, from the “Long Island” Hurricane in 1938 to Hurricane Irene, which struck the same region just a year ago.  Along the borough’s hard-hit shores in the state of New York, there are signs of life, but the damage so severe that normal has become nothing more than a word to those involved.

Disaster Relief Transport, accompanied by a number of charities across the united states are still in the process of transporting supplies to those in need, but officials stress that there is a long way to go.  Though signs of improvement, like restaurants and businesses that shut their doors have now re-opened, serving their community.

Sandy Relief Enroute

With the devastation hurricane sandy left behind, there are still thousands in need of supplies and victims continuing to suffer in the storm’s aftermath. Disaster Relief Transport is among the top charities ready to tackle the problem and provide aid to those in need.

Delivering 17 pallets of supplies bound for Staten Island, the drivers of DRT are on a non-stop journey to the victims of hurricane sandy. The supplies, currently just south of Charlotte North Carolina, are expected to reach their destination in the early morning hours of Tuesday, the 20th of November.

Natures Wrath

The winds of the Atlantic were at it again, a hurricane reaching magnitude three heading towards the gulf coast. Those who experienced the force of Mother Nature in the past prepared carefully, securing their homes and vehicles to the best of their abilities. The winds reached over one-hundred twenty-five miles per hour and the storms surge, flooding hundreds of square miles; reached a record breaking twenty-eight feet. Even the more prepared families found themselves in a life or death battle with nature.

When all was said and done, Katrina had claimed the lives of over two-thousand men, women and children, destroyed countless homes and caused a complete collapse of law and order on the gulf coast. The disaster is a stringent reminder that we cannot beat Mother Nature, only live through it. Company’s like Disaster Relief Transport partner with charities across the globe when disasters of this magnitude occur, using the funds and time donated by individuals like you to assist those in need.

The disaster that Katrina brought forth only seven years ago happened in our backyard, its destruction still evident in communities throughout the gulf coast. Families still repairing their lives and trying to make sense of things. To these individuals, it is extremely comforting to know that someone is prepared to come to their aid when they need it most.


Sandy was over a thousand miles wide and when it made landfall it hit an area so large that thirteen states felt the impact. Within that immense strike zone, there were places that were shaken, incommoded and places that sustained death. Then, above all else there were places that may never be the same.

One of these places is mentioned in the history books. The Jersey Shoreline, which throughout history has seen its fair share of bad weather. But nobody saw anything like this, and this time, some aren’t sure they’ll even come back, pointing at Sandy’s experience as one that nobody wants to repeat. No one has yet tallied the entire damage, but estimates place it in the billions. This storm is yet another reminder that we are no match for mother nature.


It is quite interesting that with today’s technological sophistication, people are still dying of starvation. We’ve sent a few rovers to Mars; own phones that fit in our pocket and can send information across the world instantaneously with what we deemed the internet. Yet, we can’t seem to ensure that all of us are getting food and water or even lifesaving medical supplies. Charities already team together to help garner supplies meant for these needy souls. But, in spite of their logistical prowess, they have a few hurdles before the world can be fed.

One of the biggest is transportation. It is not hard for someone in California, for example, to say they have an extra glass of water. But to get that water to Kenya it has to be packaged and shipped. Disaster Relief Transport sits at the center of this problem, having the responsibility and the ability to transport supplies around the globe, just another cog in the wheel that will eventually lead food to the mouths of hungry children and medical supplies to those in need. Every dollar donated by caring individuals goes to maintaining that transport line, and help ensure we get one step closer to our goal.